Welcome to Colorado Cardiovascular Surgical Associates

Welcome to Colorado Cardiovascular Surgical Associates (CCVSA), where our surgeons specialize in cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgeries.

CCVSA continues to improve patient health through continual scientific innovation, revolutionary operative care and exemplary surgical education.

Our surgeons are experts in treating cardiac, thoracic and vascular-related diseases, such as coronary artery disease, valvular heart disease, abdominal and thoracic aneurysms, peripheral artery disease and carotid artery stenosis.

Heart disease and related illnesses are very serious and sometimes life-threatening conditions. Many times patients don’t experience symptoms – until the problem has progressed to a dangerous degree.

If you smoke, have high cholesterol, high blood pressure or have a family history of heart disease, you have an increased risk of developing a cardiothoracic or vascular-related disease and possibly a heart attack or stroke.

Our mission is to provide patients with comprehensive and progressive cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgical care; to serve patients and their families with compassion, communication, and dignity; and to work in concert with our medical colleagues to provide optimal heath care.